Volunteer App

App that can serve volunteers/workers for any business requirements where there are Public users & nominated Volunteers/workers.

Use Cases

Multiple use cases for implementation in different industries as below but not limited to these.

COVID-19 Volunteers

NHS calls for Volunteer to address Public in COVID-19 to fulfill Medicine, Food and other needs.

Events Volunteers

For Expos this app can address attendees & workers to fulfill requests with different tasks during Expo.

NGOs & Pharmacies

Publich requests for specific cause or medicine delivery for pharmacies in specific area to increase their sales.

Around Me:
Concept to see who can
Help user nearby

This will show list of volunteers/workers around my current location with their special attributes that they can help public.

Get Details

My Responders:
All Volunteers i got in touch
what tasks they had?

Showing list of all volunteers on top in sliding fashion, clicking on one to see what tasks were completed or pending to see quick access.

Featured Screens

Phone Authentication, Chat feature, Task creation & Navigate to user using Map option.

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